Repurposing Drugs with Semantics



This web application is intended to help discover new possible purposes for existing FDA approved drugs by expanding and exploring the interactions between drugs, genes/proteins, and diseases.

To search, try typing either a specific drug, disease, or gene such Topiramate, selecting it from the dropdown menu, and then clicking on search.

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    How To Use

    • To ensure the entity you wish to search for exists in our database, please select the matching entity from the dropdown menu that appears.
    • Click, drag, and scroll to move around the graph.
    • Select nodes to explore further connections or to view more information.
    • Select an edge to view more information
    • To unselect edges and/or nodes, double-click on the background.


    This system visually represents the probability and likelihood that a link between drugs, proteins, or entire biological processes exists.

    This probability is determined using nanopublications, ontology, and a reasoner. Multiple nanopublications are given a combined probability based off of their method of experimentation and their source of publication.

    The thickness of the lines is based on the likelihood of the interactions while the style of the lines reflects one of three thresholds of probability which can be seen in the legend.

    For more information, please refer to the online paper.

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